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My name is Dereck and I have been making music for over 10 years under the Lostwars name.

I work mostly by myself but after the construction of a new studio, I am looking to collaborate with friends and musicians from around the world.

I've got a lot of material to go through I just haven't gotten around to "releasing" just yet. This subscription service keeps me on a steady release schedule - and since I own the recording studio, I can also bring in other musicians for special projects or songs. I often record my own songs, and a lot of the demos from the last 2 years are aching for full, fleshed out versions. My idea is to work in the world of a digi-ep, 4 EPs, 4 songs each, 4 themes, etc. But I need your support to get this thing off the ground. Help me bring beauty in the world - Help me bring people into the studio to create something amazing - Feel awesome because you are awesome and you support the art of collaboration.

But why me? Why should you pledge your hard earned money to me?

Because I have the drive and passion to execute this project and I have amazing, friends waiting to participate.

We need an audience. Will you be a part of this?

Thank you!


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  • The satisfaction of knowing you’re supporting me in a sustainable way.
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Boston, Massachusetts

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