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Colorfield - EP1

by Lostwars

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Nicholas Garcia
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Nicholas Garcia i've known dereck for nearly 15 years now, and in that time, he has never failed to continue evolving the musical language and aesthetic palette he uses. his songs remain introspective and personal - hearing him sing is like sharing a long, rain-spattered car ride with your thoughts. he makes the kind of music we all hoped billy corgan would be making by now. i don't think i've ever heard anyone else make home recording sound so gorgeous, and i hope he never stops recording his own work. Favorite track: Air.
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Lostwars - Colorfield - EP1
Recorded in a basement called Quiethouse.
Released 2013
Remastered July 2017

ASCAP Lostwarsmusic\Quiethouse
Thank you: Rebecca, Ava, Nick, Phil, family and friends near and far.

This is for my Great Grandmother Lucille. 1919 - 2012


released June 6, 2013

All songs © Lostwarsmusic/Dereck Blackburn except "mlkshk" by Windmills/Nicholas Matthew Garcia/Son of BA



all rights reserved


Lostwars Boston, Massachusetts

Lostwars is musical confusion, usually loud.

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Track Name: Names
I kissed everything where I wanted
this to end but its never ending
its not about a name its almost the same

I walked for miles and then I waited
or did I fail no I think I hesitated
old streets I lived on but never knew their names

I was lost
intimate sentiments of decadence
dissolution of all my friendships

I was lost
serious derision of my vision
second guessing all I mentioned
and laid my dreams away

I kissed everything where I wanted
an end to this I never made it
its not about a name but its somewhere inside

I'm not disingenuous or my genesis ,
another light accomplice
I should forget this
but my childs eyes are lights
Track Name: Air
air is what I want to breathe
but my lungs just won't fill at all
they feel large, large and deformed
I wonder if I'll ever run
talk about the passion of music
these words we come up with at night
following the crowds, faces all around
I like but I'm too shy to say it

I got the time
I got the light
I'm standing still
aren't I

air is what I want to breathe
but my lungs are filling up with liquid
I might drown, unless you drain me
chlorine taste in my mouth and sinus
My unsteady feet on the rudder
die six times if I cant come alive
There was a sign, a purposeful laughter
its gone with the passage of time

You signal to noise
You, you're out with the boys
and inside this tiny loophole
stands the reaction to truth
its understood but so far fetched
were alone and thinking of you
Track Name: Salt
Are you in jail again
Im still trying to find a voice
you words are alien
just like when you were a boy

and well burn down another alleyway
stolen cars line up and drive down the interstate
in every one a secret like sickness to reveal

Are you in love again
your heart and face are angry stone
a pathway forged and then
days pass without surrender to the unknown

and the difference between us are far from few
you harldy know me and i hardly remember you
in every one a secret like sickness to reveal

I take the tank of water and
my words slowly die away
pass from my lips into the air
they’re going nowhere here

and the otherside of the glass
is salty and steaming with warmth
the hand of dog pushing us back under
where our thoughts thread the joists in the floor
to those who can hear the muffled musing
Track Name: One to 93
I've never written in this key
But I know where to go
I follow my voice to reach
somewhere subconscious only knows
familiar places I have been
but too intense for me to stay
turns me inside out and welcome
over stayed by too many days

Got off my plane and took a car
out on route seventeen
muddy shoes and muddy waters blues
cant keep the floor mats clean
parked underneath a walnut tree
I knew where to go
Cadillac blue when we two would
come when ev'ry one else would show
a few days after fall of a hurricane
and the black umbrellas reign
and darkness came
and the darkness left us

I feel the darkness in my chest
but will not live with this unless
I keep the things you gave me
to live my life the way you wanted to see
from 1 to ninety three
and two and thirteen
whats come before and left unseen
dont worry love theres no more waiting
no more waiting
Track Name: I Never Knew My Dad
I never knew my dad
but hes still alive
heard he stays up late
and goes for long drives
across the interstates
across the years going by
he has a colorado license plate
and a family divine

I never knew my loss
until my late teens
until I was kicked out
of my own family
maybe Im back in
maybe I still have a name
I never knew my dad
and it doesnt change a thing

Im not looking for a hand
or a pity party van
or a stretch out across the land
or the the devils almanac
I'm just doing the best I can
I'm just doing the best I can
you know I am now a man
I'm just doing the best I can

I have myself a son
and a daughter the younger one
my son is now in school
my girl is only two
I'm thinking about the miles
and rooms that divide us two
i never knew my dad
but now I understand
I'm doing the best I can
I am only a man
Track Name: mlkshk
i'll be back with the milkshake